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LocationGrand anse, St George's, Grenada

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Grand Anse Beach, Morne Rouge, Grenada
Grand Etang, Grenada
The Carenage, Saint George's, Grenada


Destination Grenada, the island nation of Grenada which consists of the main island of Grenada, known as the "Spice Island", and and 8 smaller satellite islands, Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Ronde Island, Caille Island, Diamond Island, Large Island, Saline Island, and Frigate Island.

The area of Grenada is 344 km².

Grenada belongs to the Windward Islands, it has a population of 107,000 inhabitants (in 2015). Grenada's capital and largest city is St. George's. Spoken languages are English (official) and Grenadian Creole English and Grenadian Creole French.

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